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What is a Studio?


Easily an artist’s studio is a dedicated space where the artist regularly works on their art. But not everyone has this type of space. Regardless, artists can still participate in the Studio Tour with alternative studios.

Below are some ideas for what a studio might be for the Studio Tour weekend:

 A temporary display space in a residence.

 A temporary display space in an active business (restaurant, store, etc.)

 A temporary display space in an empty storefront.

 More than one artist can display their work together and be considered a studio.       (One application fee equals one studio listing in the Studio guidebook.)

 Visual arts, performing arts and activities supporting the arts are all invited to             participate as a studio location.

 Art Inside is receptive to any ideas someone might have for a studio. All we want       are interesting “studios” that the public can tour.

 Questions: Call Margaret at 814-428-3826.

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