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Clandestine Project

The Butcher

March, 2015


At the National Transit Building in Oil City, PA there are about 24 artists studios. In the lobby, building

management was storing an old display case. The case was ugly, and nothing was being done about it


Some local artists thought the empty display case was an eyesore, and management did nothing.  There were many derogatory names for the display case, to include that it looked like a meat market counter. To demonstrate the point, artists made elaborate fake packages of meat and related products (no real food). The display case was stocked, and a sign put on the case for “Rockefeller the Butcher, Premium Art Meat” – John D. Rockefeller was an industrialist historically connected to the Transit Building.


Local officials were very unhappy with the installation. The display contents were removed AS WELL AS THE DISPLAY CASE.


Art Inside helped the artist with some supplies and shared in the joy of getting rid of the eyesore.

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