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Studio Participation Application

  • Please fill out fields below.  

  • Please note your phone number and e-mail will not be published in any literature or on the ArtInsidePA website.

  • Please e-mail a JPEG image of your artwork to  

  • There is a $25 or $35 fee to participate as a studio.  This payment may be completed via Paypal (see information at the bottom of the page) or you may send a check or Money Order to: Art Inside, 25 Colbert Avenue, Oil City, PA 16301.  

The fee for entries before 15 April 2018 is $25... after the 15th the fee is $35.

Last day for application is 11 May 2018.

To make your $25 payment via Paypal, please click on the "Buy Now" button to the right.

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